This is a most precious offering. This is an opportunity for the woman in devotion to her Higher work to be in close study with me. This is an always open, drop-in space for you to visit anytime. This is a concentrated sanctuary space that has been attuned for your clarity: we have filtered out the noise of the outer world and cultivated a portal where access to higher frequencies is clearer. We treat this as a virtual library and luxury lounge for the High Priestess in study. I am the fire keeper of this protected container, and it will be available to you and four other women at all times during your membership. You are free to drop in and out of this space as often as you desire, sharing silent community or social connection, as desired. Come here for respite, higher guidance, and subtle attunement, in soul-presence with others doing similar work.


  • This is a 3-month membership.
  • 24/7 access. Step in and receive.
  • Drop in as you please. I attend to this space fully. It is always available. 
  • This is a space to engage on a new level within your personal path. 
  • This container is here to accelerate your work. 
  • Come here to instantly calibrate UP to the frequency of this space.
  • Receive specific codes for your accelerated path.
  • Pivot energy in the moment.
  • Take rest here.
  • Access your own Higher Guidance, exceedingly quickly in this space. It is crafted for this.
  • Receive powerful channeled insights, brought to you by you, by a sister, or by yourself.
  • Take advantage of this sanctuary of higher frequencies. 
  • Move energy more powerfully.
  • Monitor your own energetic hygiene. 
  • Harness the currents of energy here. 
  • Receive my support.
  • Be in the company of others doing similar work. 
  • Develop your self-sourcery.
  • Only 5 spaces available.
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This is a place to engage fully with your own personal path. 

Come here to be in devotion to your Higher work.

Come and go as you please. I attend to the space, and it is always available for you to visit freely.

This a 3-month membership.

Step in and participate via private app. 

Share this sacred space with me.

Be in the company of others doing similar work.

Receive my support as you continue on your path.

Cast a more deliberate frequency.

Sharpen your skills and your giftings.

Do the self-care maintenance you know you need. 

Practice, when desired, with others.

Move energy more powerfully.

Monitor your own energetic hygiene. 

Practice laws of magnetism.

Receive guidance.

Harness currents of energy.

Experience The Mastermind Principle and

Develop your self-sorcery.

Only 5 spaces available

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