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I will be your field guide as we deep-dive into

Accelerating your Ascension.


This is a peer mentorship.

We are clarifying your vessel.

Magnifying your core essence.

From root to crown.


Increase your light.

Command the energy. 

Bring your innate gifts forth.

Attune the body and the crown.



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The road map.


Lasting 3 months, this is a peer mentorship experience that will accelerate your personal and spiritual development on a highly attuned level.

I serve as your helper and field guide as we work on the physical system and the emotional plane. We will have opportunities to initiate some powerful unfoldings within your psyche and 3-dimensional world.

Your sense of clarity will skyrocket. Your sense of inner knowing, discernment, decision-making, and confidence will all be greatly enhanced.

You will have a new understanding about TRUST in your own personal power, Trust in the Higher Beings, your intuitive clarity, and a new facility with commanding and summoning the energy.


Is this calling to you??


Read more about this offering in How I Work

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Exposure to pivotal, thought-altering material

Online experiences with insight-workers who shed light on your greater journey and purpose

Moving out old operating systems that are keeping you from stepping into The New

Uncovering new inputs: UPGRADES to your psyche that resonate with who you are becoming

Connecting with your *given* spiritual team in a palpable way

Experiences as part of a "Collective Channel"

Deep diving into journey work with me to further clear the path (channeled work, post-psychedelic mapping available) 

Accelerating your spiritual development with me (focus work we will do in session)

Biohacking techniques to "Vibe Up your Vessel" so you can receive and transmit even more

Attention to The Root. The Heart. The Crown.

Claiming your inner realms and altering the outside feedback

Stepping up your energetic hygiene so you can be more of who you are

Stepping more into your courage and being more of your own magical essence in this world 

This is Peer Mentorship. I do not serve as your doctor. This work requires that I not practice medicine. Instead, I am your Field Guide for Ascension. To many, this offering serves as a combination of Business Coaching and Wellness Coaching. See How I Work, for more details.

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Woke Woman 1:1 Access Subscription 


  • Daily access via private app for focused, *rapid* up-level work, 1:1
  • 1 full month of my fire tending on your behalf
  • 1 month "in my field" with unlimited access to calibrate your energy UP 
  • Game-changer insights/perspective shifts 
  • Two 90-minute 1:1 focus sessions per month
  • Quantum leaps that'll blow your mind
  • All my love
  • $7,700 for an unlimited 1 month


*This work is powerful because of the strong, high frequency of these sessions, your conscious commitment to yourself, and the rapid repatterning effect that comes from engaging so deeply with yourself so regularly.


Ready? Send a message via text/social to begin. 

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The Pearl Program



  • 3 FULL MONTHS of my continuous fire-tending 
  • 12-24 *intensives.* Quantum-leap focus sessions that create a new set-point of energy for you...This is you vibing higher
  • Access to daily communication via private app, M-F (real magic happens here)
  • Game-changer experiential *insight* sessions that'll rock your world- NO JOKE!
  • This is a High-Momentum container that you will feel right away
  • This is your quantum leap program guided by YOUR Higher Self
  • Major fine tuning for your self mastery
  • Rapid recalibration when you get *off kilter* 
  • A taste of powerful modalities that'll get your life force moving in all the right ways
  • More fun than you've had in a while!
  • All my love... on YOU
  • Call Me to Design Your Program!


*Clients have taken advantage of this program as a business write-off. Others have utilized Woke Woman programming as a personal health and wellness investment.  


Schedule a consult below to begin designing your program


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Woke Woman Rapid Relief Sessions 


  • Drop in and Level UP, FAST
  • 90-120 minutes of focused energy on you
  • UNkink your kinks so you can get back to that good life
  • My full focus on your highest as you calibrate UP
  • A deep dive *focus session* 
  • A major perspective shift to enable your up-leveling
  • No-bullshit fine tuning for self elevation
  • A taste of the power of The Mastermind
  • Rapid Relief. You’ll feel better fast!
  • $1200 for this high-octane session



Send a message via text/social to begin.

CONTACT info below


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