“I learned so much from her about the mind body connection . . .

the body transformation has come along without as much of a focus on the body, but so much more focus on the mind. That has been an amazing experience.”
—Christina R.

“My body’s just happy . . .

This works . . . and it’s completely different than anything I’ve done before.”
—Jenna C.

"Hello, to everyone, looking for one to one custom care. That is why I highly recommend. Dr. Amron Bevels. I am a retired nurse who has assisted patients with many ailments. Our methods treat our clients after they become ill. Dr. Amron taught me personally, how to heal a gastrointestinal illness and how to prevent a reoccurrence. She customized a nutritional program for me, that yielded excellent results! I highly recommend her attentive, personal care program."

—Cheryl P.

“Amron provides me with detailed, customized nutritional support. She is so knowledgeable about such a wide variety of health concerns, and does such a great job of encouraging you to try new ways towards health, while also trusting your instincts about your body. I always walk away from a consult with her feeling energized and reaffirmed in my health choices. I would recommend her to anyone of any age, health status, and background and trust her to give informative yet nurturing information to me and my growing family.”

—Rachel H.

“Amron has helped me so much on my health journey. I came to her because I had tried everything else. Like most people I know I had either gained the weight back or the things I was trying were not working for me. Amron listened to me and personalized a plan that works with my crazy life and helped me troubleshoot my hang ups and was there when I needed an extra boost of inspiration. Most of all her positive energy and overall knowledge is endless and I have never felt better about my body and overall health. Amron is a fresh breath of air because she truly wants to help people and her benevolent intuitiveness is a delight to work with.”

—Renee D.

It's my first week of following the plan Amron created for me. I’ve lost 6.3 lbs! Even more significantly, I feel great - my energy is steady throughout the day and I’m sleeping well at night. I love the food I’m eating and I feel satiated and excited by the new recipes I’m trying.
What surprised me the most:
I thought it would be hard, but Amron gave me all the guidance I needed to adapt it to my life very quickly. I am a mother with a young child and an entrepreneur with a busy life.
I thought I would miss empty carbs - but that passed quickly.
I am now nearing the end of week 2 and I’m losing weight at a steady, sensible rate. I have continuous energy that doesn’t dip or peak through the day. But the most significant thing I can say about Dr. Amron’s approach is that it’s such a loving approach. Never before have I successfully lost weight and enjoyed it. There is no punishment here, no depriving my body of something it wants, no decision fatigue that wears me down by the end of the day. If anything I have more options, abundant possibilities of what to eat - and life is tastier and easier than before. Even eating out is pretty simple!
It’s not a program designed to deprive or to “beat yourself up.” By contrast, the approach focuses so much on nourishing yourself. Self-care routines are built in as a part of the program, and the food you eat just takes on a form of that; I truly feel nourished eating and living this way, and if I ever have a moment where I don’t, I know what tweaks to make to adjust that."
—Sharon S.


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