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your focus is your most powerful resource




Higher-Level Play with Dr. Amron 

A Special Offering

for Women on the Next Level


Emotions. The Mind. Psycho-Spiritual Attunement. Beyond.

Let's take a deep dive and journey on a new level.

Lasting 1 to 3 months, this is a profound personal exploration that we do together, guided by your higher self, our collective focus, and what calls to us next. I serve as your helper and field guide, and together we make moves that accelerate your personal and spiritual development on a highly attuned level.


Let's jump in. Way in. Together. 


What might this look like?


The possibilities are vast. We will have a discovery call to discuss.

After an initial meeting we will know where to begin. 

We will design our roadmap together.


This journey might involve exploring any of the following: 


+ rooting in your sense of identity now, within your broader, multi-life incarnations

+ clarifying some critical decisions in your life right now

+ enhancing the subtle nature of your energy: learn to leverage emotional cues and physical body sensations better to help with critical decision making


+ delve into the emotional storyline associated with your current health picture

+ see how current elements that you are tolerating in life are actually slowing you down right now


+ become aware of limiting thought patterns/dissolve residues blocking your flow of energy & clarity 


+ accelerate the completion of a creative project you have been dreaming up: let's get that book written, and finish that labor of love you've been stuck on 


+ re-write your bio on a deep level: break out of a self-limiting pattern in your partnership. Break out of cycles & liberate your expansion


+ lineage love: discover & actually break cords passed on through previous lives;


+ learn lessons gifted to you from past life experiences + expand your clarity, drive, & sense of self-awareness


+ break through energetic blocks to your courage and creative output using highly-

attuned feedback from a professional who can move energies


+ post-psychedelic journeying + facilitation, to allow a new awareness to emerge  



1-month package


3-month intensive


There are many ways to open the flood gates to greater well-being. This work yields a major shift in the flow of your day-to-day and alters your sense of power and inner knowing. Journey with me on a new level.



Rooting for your expansion,

from Root to Crown

Are you ready to have some fun?