We are here to Accelerate our Ascension. 



I am here as your peer mentor.

I am here as your tuning rod and support,

As you bring your whole being to a new level.

New consciousness. New capability. New capacity.

It is time for you to




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This is 

Woke Woman Wellness.





Let's Meet. Schedule a Call with me.


When you become a client, I serve as your field guide as we embark on a real-live scavenger hunt of self-discovery and transformation.


 This is a rapid ascension space.


Together, we will bring your whole being to a new level of consciousness, known capability, and capacity.


By clarifying your vessel, freeing you up from baggage you have been carrying, we UP-VIBE you and change your energetic set-point.


You will watch your whole life brighten.

You will see your own perspectives shift.


You will feel a whole new set of expectations, inspirations, insights, and ideas wash over you.

Thus, new realities are being set into motion. 


You will quickly develop a more *woke* experience: 

A greater sense of Power.





Can you feel the intensity of this?

And the fun?

It is so much FUN!


Field Trips 

The scavenger hunt aspect is this: you will embark on a self-guided, choose-your-own-adventure field trip around your inner world. With me by your side, you'll dip yourself into a sweet orchestra of modalities offering wild degrees of *insight* about who you are, why you are here, and what aspects of yourself are presenting for upgrades.


Together, we will explode old paradigms and pull away the self-chosen *blinders* limiting your clarity and hindering your *Flow.*


You are going to feel so F R E E.


Are you ready to feel BOUNDLESS, Woman?


I'll be by your side every step of the way, orchestrating support for your highest evolution in your physical body and on the emotional plane. 



Rest assured that I am ready for you.


This is my calling. I do this work because I must. The passion runs deep. I left medicine to do this work.


As I see it, our work helps create the strong network of Awakened Women we need, queued up and ready to step in to our leadership in the coming wave of evolution on this planet. 


Are you with me?


I am so deeply excited you are here. Thank you for your part in this great awakening.


You Are Meant to Lead.




The paradigm is changing...

from physics to energetics 





Vibe up the energetics and the physics will follow suit.


When we hone our command of the energy, all feedback systems play out differently.


Our cells behave differently.

Our relationships show up differently.

Elements in our real-world environments become different.

Situations and *coincidental* events show up in new ways.


 This is where we play.





As a trained MD, this is very exciting for me. I have crafted the Woke Woman Wellness program as a *field trip* for your conscious ascension.



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Let's Go!



  • This is a powerful opportunity for the woman who is ready to go deep and reap the rewards of self development and spiritual growth.
  • Our extended time together provides a consistent recalibration and up-vibing that will alter your day-to-day life experience.
  • A critical element of this experience is the high level of contact and support. You will have unlimited communication with me, M-F, via private app. This app provides a valuable element of *fire-tending* on your behalf, that is happening even when we are not in session. This alone will maintain a higher vibrational countenance and will accelerate your development beyond normal.  
  • This is more than a coaching program: this is spiritual development alongside EMPOWERMENT training, so that you can actually observe yourself wielding your own energy.
  • Even when I am not with you, not communicating with you, you are being supported. Because of this, the availability of this offering is extremely limited. 


Are you ready to step into this powerful space?





  • You will have access to a multitude of experiential *insight* sessions, including


  • Drop-in sessions and tutorials within a colorful network of highly skilled practitioners in physical modalities and non-physical modalities appropriate for your journey. You will LOVE this!


  • You will piece together critical aspects of your vitality and thriving. 


  • You'll observe new interplays between unconscious elements and your real-world reality.


  • You will actually feel your insight developing even further.


  • You'll receive guided practice in the subtle elements of intuition: emotional sensation, physical insight modalities, etc. You will become more familiar with your Higher insight compass. This is critical for knowing your sorcery.


  • You will peel away self-restraints holding your self back from more full expression. (Freedom!)


  • You will dissolve stifling patterns, limiting beliefs, and self sabotaging factors. (Are you ready for the new lightness you are going to feel?)


  • You will become conscious of things previously unconscious. (This is big. I will be right by your side. This can get intense.)


  • You'll actually experience moving energy with your intention. 


  • You may choose to attend to future propensities, relevant past life elements, with guidance, as a means of liberation; getting unstuck.


  • You will experience a full-body revival: new energy, new vibrancy. To the degree that YOU allow it.


  • Being a real live human will suddenly become so much more FUN than it's been!



Are you ready to jump in?

Let's Meet. Schedule a Call with me.

I am here to vouch for your highest evolution.  


Let's tune up your vessel & your vibe so you can



Ready to get started?

Let's Meet. Schedule a Call with me.


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