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your focus is your most powerful resource


To You, on Your Ascension Journey.

You are ready to awaken a new level of your identity.

You are ready to step up and step in, to that Next version of you.

You can feel your fire burning.

You can sense that something more is coming.


You are ready to move at an accelerated speed, to create the life you want.

You are already on path.

You are already in tune.

You are listening.  

Your courage is rising. You are hearing the messages.


You are ready to accelerate your ascension. 

You know you can do this on your own, and you are ready for the acceleration of a collaboration.


You are already on path and you are ready for more.


You understand that your focus is your greatest resource.

You understand that minding the energy moves the matter.

You are ready to play in this time-space continuum to code-switch between the dimensions.

I'm talking about shifting focus. Turning thoughts to things.

Trusting your body and your emotions to give you signals and be your guide.

You know you are designed for more.

This is me giving you permission to step fully in and surrender. This is where the healing happens. This is where thoughts turn to things.

You are ready.


Come play with me and explore... Let me show you how FUN this process and creation can be.


You are ready. 


Accelerate your ascension.

Journey with me.

  ~Amron Bevels-Wilson, MD