I see you rising, Woman.

I see you doing The Work.

I see you expanding further into who you are here to become. 

I see your gifts.

Your strengths.

Your struggles.

You are already ON PATH.

You've come here to accelerate even further.

It is time to turn the soil and become more.

I am excited you're here!


Are you ready?


A Field Guide for Your Ascension.


My offering to you.

I am here to be your personal trainer for getting you over that next hump, and stepping more fully into courage and full expression of who you are becoming.

I am here to stand in the light of you in your highest version of yourself, and summon you forward even more.


You are already ON PATH.

This is a boost on your journey.

Let's play in the energetic realms for higher attunement (and FUN)!


You are a leader, and you are a channel.

Let's find the flow state together and Accelerate your Ascension.


My work captures the energy that connects intention, the sensory experience of one's own inner alignment, and the feedback that comes in from the outer world.

This is the physics of spiritual development.


I am here to help you develop your spiritual body. Attuning your vessel to enable you to carry MORE light. Deeper knowing. Fuller courage. 


I am here for women's ascension.

I am a real MD with an energetic knowing. This is a new modality.


You've come because you are here to create more.

You are capable of more on an intuitive knowing kind of a level.

We will develop this here.


Let us play! 


Together, we will work various principles:

Attending to the energetics actually alters the physical playout.

Vibing up your energy gives way to unblock blocks on the physical level.

Your body is a part of your *insight* apparatus.

By tuning up your body vessel, you make way for greater insight, intuition, and clair-knowing.

You, Woman, are a channel.

Your focus is your most precious currency. 

Your present 3-D reality is simply a readout of your inner world, and of the past.

Together, let's take it up a few notches, leveraging collective intention and focus to frame out a new future.

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Are you ready to take a look beyond the confines of current reality?

Are you ready to tap into the full-being of you?


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The mission is to create spaces for deeper healing for women.

We are creating a network for personal, social, and community empowerment.

Join us as we share powerful stories and receive new insight as you meet incredible teachers, courageous wayshowers, healers, and practitioners as they shine light on women's work, aspects of identity, healing, and navigating this life in a more powerful, vibrant, and more self-honoring way. 

Welcome. I am glad you are here.


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